Our Team at Serenity Rehab Thailand

At Serenity, we have a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing the most effective addiction treatment programme available anywhere in the world. All of the counsellors had their own struggles with addiction in the past before learning to get and stay clean and sober as well as studying their for their counseling qualifications. They know firsthand the struggle with addiction, this allows them to connect on a deeper level with their clients. We have one of the best staff-to-client ratios in the rehab industry, with a level of direct contact (individual and group counselling sessions, and counsellor availability) that is difficult to find anywhere.

Besides our counsellors and client support, we have excellent staff for all the other amenities and needs of a full-service, residential treatment programme. This extends to our kitchen staff, hospitality, exercise and excursion programmes, groundskeeping, massage and security. We welcome you to learn more about us, and how we can help in the struggle with addiction and substance abuse.

Theo de Vries - Founder, Programme Director

Theo de Vries

Founder, Programme Director

Theo de Vries is the founder of Serenity Rehab. Originally from The Netherlands, now resides full time in Thailand and is onsite most days.

Ever since the age of 12, I have been struggling with addiction and all the problems associated with it. About 11 years ago I first entered rehab and it took me 5 different rehabs to finally admit to myself that my life was totally unmanageable, in all areas and I needed to do something new.

After several years in recovery, I started to dream about how I could help other addicts get clean, and how I could use my experience to help them to stay clean and enjoy a life without the compulsion to use drugs or alcohol.

After settling in Thailand, I found an amazing team of people who share my vision and my passion, and who also have their own personal experience with addiction. Serenity Rehab Thailand was born, a treatment centre that is accessible to everyone who is willing to change their lives.

My biggest dream is that every addict who is willing, will get the opportunity to begin their recovery, and experience how beautiful life can be without having to use any mood-altering substance. My mission is to share with our clients the process that I went through to get clean, and also to share my experience of how life can be lived in recovery, free of drugs, and experiencing inner peace at the same time.

Please let Serenity Rehab, and our balanced recovery programmes, help you get your life back on track. We will give you all the support you need, and will do everything within our power to help you through the challenges in recovery.

Dr. Nattapatt Sukkhosawat, MD. (Dr. Mark) - Medical Director

Dr. Nattapatt Sukkhosawat, MD. (Dr. Mark)

Medical Director

Serenity is fortunate to be the only centre in Thailand with a qualified addiction psychiatrist as the medical director.

Dr. Mark has been practicing medicine for 19 years since graduating from the University of Chiang Mai's medical school and specializing in Addiction Psychiatry at Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital.

Regularly on site, Dr. Mark oversees all the medical needs of our clients, as well as detox as an outpatient from his clinic or in the nearby hospital when required.

With a very calm and non-formal demeanor, Dr. Mark can very quickly put a client at ease and makes them feel comfortable.

Wade Dupuis - Managing Director

Wade Dupuis

Managing Director

When you first call or email, Wade is the one who replies and answers the phone. He personally manages all client inquires. Wade is also available to communicate with family members whose loved ones are having a problem with substance abuse and addiction. In many cases it is the family who reaches out first.

Originally from Canada, Wade has been working with addiction recovery programmes in Thailand and throughout Asia for the past 10 years. Wade helped build the very first addiction treatment programme for Westerners in Asia in 2007. Since that time, he has spoken with thousands of individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, as well as their family members and friends.

Sue Sandeman - Senior Counsellor

Sue Sandeman

Senior Counsellor

Sue, originally from the UK, is an experienced addictions counsellor and group facilitator. In recovery herself, Sue has been working in the addiction field in the UK, Australia and Thailand for the past 11 years.

Sue's formal qualifications include CPCAB Counselling Skills Level 2, NVQ Level 3 Substance Misuse, and most recently, following residential training in the USA, she is also an IRI certified Recovery Specialist. Sue has continued professional training throughout her career, with multiple short training courses in CBT, Working with Resistance, Integrated Practice, Motivational Interviewing, Vulnerable Adults, Child Protection, Mindfulness, ITEP (International Treatment Effectiveness Project), and Psychosocial interventions for adult substance misusers.

Karuna Sue Clancy - Senior Counsellor

Karuna Sue Clancy

Senior Counsellor

Karuna is a qualified psychotherapist from the UK. She has worked in various addiction treatment centres as a manager, a group worker, and as a therapist for over 8 years. She has over 30 years experience of recovery from addiction, and during that time has followed a varied path of supporting and helping others from many different client groups. Karuna first worked as a child protection social worker, then as a rehab manager, then as a group worker, and retreat leader. She is now a psychotherapist employed in private practice, working with many clients on their recovery from addictions, historical sexual abuse, low self esteem, suicide attempts, depression, personality disorders, eating disorders, and other related issues.

Karuna's formal qualifications include a Diploma in Social Work (Dip SW), and a BA (hons) in Social Work & Community Studies. Karuna is a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA), and Provisional Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst (PTSTA). During her working career she has always kept up to date with recent trends in human development and psychology, and has taken many short courses to keep abreast of current thinking in the field.

Rutger Van den Berg (Rudy) - Counsellor

Rutger Van den Berg (Rudy)


Rudy started to use drugs at 13. Ten years later he went into rehab, and through his own recovery he has become devoted to helping other addicts.

Rudy is convinced that the best help available for anyone struggling with addiction is one addict helping another addict. Clients feel comfortable going to Rudy with questions and he is a valuable member of the team at Serenity.

I understand how early recovery can be, and so I'll do anything within my reach to help ease the ride. Hopefully I can also show how much fun recovery can be. I hope to welcome you soon at Serenity, and get you on your way to a new life.

Tao Saengwan - Psychologist

Tao Saengwan


Tao Saengwan graduated from Chulalongkorn University with a Masters in Counseling Psychology, where he spent three years of intensive training with substance use disorder clients.

Tao is dedicated to helping addicts in rehab rediscover their potential, and re-integrate back into society. His training is in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), using a humanistic approach. He has been with Serenity since early 2017.

Lai Voon Mei (Mei) - Client Support

Lai Voon Mei (Mei)

Client Support

Mei was raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is an also an addict in recovery, as are all clinical staff members. She is grateful for the support she had in the programme that helped her onto the road of recovery and wants to give back this support to other addicts and alcoholics.

Being in Serenity Rehab myself as a client in the past, and going through the same process as the current clients do, I understand exactly how they feel and what their needs are. I have worked hard on my recovery, and because of that, Serenity offered me a job as a support worker. Serenity helped me to realise how important support and guidance is for an addict to start their recovery process. I will be spending weekends doing Art Therapy and interactive games, along with the Sunday outings. I hope to bring out the inner child in us that we have lost for a very long time, and bring back the smiles, that for many we have long forgotten. Hope to see you soon in our beautiful setting in Chiang Rai, Thailand!

Panjama Praimanee (Mint) - Operations Director

Panjama Praimanee (Mint)

Operations Director

Panjama, or Mint for short has worked in the operations end of addiction treatment centres for most of the past 8 years. Mint graduated with a degree in Business / English and then started her career in Bangkok. Having also studied and worked in Australia and Canada for more than 7 years, she understands the needs of foreigners and an international treatment setting like Serenity.

At Serenity, Mint is responsible for making sure the business of the company runs smoothly, from legal compliance, visa extensions, recruitment of support staff, contracts with tour and medical providers and fixing all the problems travelers have from lost luggage, adjusted flight itineraries, etc. Mint is always happy to have a chat with you on what your needs are and how she can help.

Panwadee Boonyok - Housekeeping Manager

Panwadee Boonyok (Au)

Housekeeping Manager

Au was born and raised in Udon Thani, in Northeast Thailand. She worked for many years in hospitality and is responsible for everything that has to do with the hotel part of Serenity Rehab. From healthy food, massage, maintenance and housekeeping, she is here to support you and make your stay at Serenity rehab as comfortable as possible!

Somratchanat Luecha (Ying) Accounting Manager

Somratchanat Luecha (Ying)

Accounting Manager

Ying graduated from Burapha University with her PhD in Accounting. Ying takes care of all the important back office administration issues that need to be addressed such as taxes, company compliance, etc.

As well as managing the accounting at Serenity, Ying is an adjunct professor at Burapha University.

Praweena (Yo) - Office Admin

Praweena (Yo)

Office Admin

Yo is an indispensable member of the Serenity team, she received her BA from a local university before starting her career working in America and Thailand. She handles the day to day bookkeeping as well as so many other tasks from translator, escort to the hospital, helping in the kitchen when needed, calling a taxi and the thousands of other things she is asked to do on a daily basis.

Rattana (Toi) - Chef

Rattana (Toi)


Toi has a bachelor's degree from the local university in business but learned early in her career that she loved being in the kitchen preparing tasty and healthy food rather then behind a desk. Prior to coming to Serenity she worked with several top restaurants as well as running her own catering business.

Woottirat (Op) - Chef

Woottirat (Op)


Op has worked with Serenity since the facility opened in Chiang Rai. Originally from the local area and having spent years traveling around Thailand working at some of the premier resorts in the country he was happy to come back home to work with Serenity.

Yin and Yang - Therapy Canine Companions

Yin and Yang

Therapy Canine Companions

Yin and Yang, two adorable pups have been re-homed to Serenity to be therapy dogs in training. They look forward to welcoming you to the centre with a wet nose and a cuddle.

Lucky - Therapy Canine Companion - Emeritus


Therapy Canine Companion - Emeritus

Lucky has gone on to greener pastures. He was the first therapy canine companion. He worked at Serenity from day one and was himself an example of rehabilitation. Found on the side of the road, he was taken home and given a second chance.

Covered in mange and never having had a bath, his future didn't look good. After being taken care of and brought back to health, he considered it his mission to help the new clients feel at ease as well helping the night security guard do his job. He was a good listener and would never tell secrets to anyone else, providing you gave him a bit of a belly rub.