Serenity Rehab Refresher Program

At Serenity we believe in what we are doing and believe that you or your loved one can live a sober and happy life without the need for mood altering substances. If in the first year after completing the full Serenity program you do have a relapse you can return for a 4 week program for free.

Serenity has two highly effective programs that client’s progress through at different stages of their care and recovery, primary rehab and our secondary program. When a client completes both programs, is with us for a minimum of 12 weeks and follows their aftercare planning, if they do have a relapse before completing a full year of sobriety they will be taken back into primary care for 4 weeks, free of charge.

This is our way of staying engaged with our clients and being sure that we are always there to help and support you when you need us.

If this does happen and you need to return to us you will not be billed for the 4 week primary program, as always however you will be responsible for your airfare, visa extensions and hospital costs, paid directly to the hospital.

Every client is different and their care plan will vary based on his or her needs, to receive a certificate of completion that entitles you to the free month if you have a relapse might take some clients longer then 12 weeks and will be on the recommendation of your primary therapist.

If a client needs to use this service they will be scheduled into the next available spot in the program after contacting us about the relapse and the need to return within one year from their original admission date.

Serenity is dedicated to the recovery of our clients, we want you to only goto rehab once. Evidence shows that longer term rehab has drastically better outcomes. We also offer this guarantee for personal reasons, we become very close with most of our clients, they become our friends and extended family. If someone does stumble it is our duty to help them get back on tack and we want you to feel assured that we will be here to help.