Marijuana Rehab Center

I grew up in the Cheech and Chong area and really enjoyed the movies, anyone old enough should know what I am talking about. I also have a bit of a different take then most people I talk to about going to a marijuana rehab center. I am not really against marijuana legalization which might sound strange coming from a person that runs drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and has had allot of people come looking for a marijuana rehab center for the addiction.

I take a different approach to most drugs and marijuana in particular. Is it safe? Absolutely not, however neither is alcohol and it's legal. I lived for quite a number of years on a small island in British Columbia, probably the second largest industry there was outdoor marijuana growing, lets say a lot of people that didn't have much of a job had a considerable amount more money then their situation could account for. Also a huge percentage of the population were chronic pot smokers.

Personally I grew up in Ontario and only smoked weed a couple of times in college, yes I did inhale, then I moved out West and had only been there for a few days and went to the local pub. The people on the island were quite nice and friendly and the one guy asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint, sure, why not! So out we go and I take a couple hits off the joint that is being passed around and it nearly knocked me on my ass. I had never had weed like that! The stuff was so unbelievable strong I couldn't believe it. I was never much of a smoker anyways so had little tolerance and this was grade A stuff that was way beyond what I was use to. I was ruined for the night and that was the last time I ever smoked weed.

So living on the island for more then ten years obviously a large percentage of the people that I hung out with smoked weed. I never had an issue with it and my only rule at the house was go out in the backyard since I didn't like the smell of it and didn't want anyone to smoke it in my house, oh and bring your own potato chips! Everyone was fine with that and we never really had any problems over the years with it.

marijuana rehab centerThe problems that we did have was more due to the laws against it and creating a criminal underground, the same way alcohol prohibition did the the USA. Since it is illegal there was allot of money to be made off of it and there are always the people willing to take the risk to make that money. I know people that would argue that it should be "de-criminalized" not legalized. I never agreed with that at all since the reason they wanted it that way was so that the government couldn't tax it and they could happily go on making their money off the industry without the police to worry about. No I was very much on the "legalize" side of it but for a very different reason.

Once it is legalized it can be controlled, taxed and monitored. Not only does the government make a ton of money off the tax revenue, they save an equivalent amount since you don't need to police it and incarcerate people for growing and using. So it has a double benefit. Will legalizing it encourage more people to use it? Possibly, but look at alcohol, more people go to rehab every year for alcohol then most all other drugs combined. So if you are not going to outlaw alcohol then you probably shouldn't outlaw marijuana.

Marijuana Rehab Centers

I did see a number of people over the years coming to the marijuana rehab center that were chronic smokers. As I said about it, it is not the safe drug that people try and promote it as but neither is alcohol. It is addictive, I don't care what the proponents of it claim, it is. There are two levels of addiction that a marijuana rehab center has to treat, physical and psychological. If gambling, sex and other behavioral issues can be addiction, marijuana sure as hell can be. Maybe not physically addictive, I would argue that however, watch a few people jonesing from not having any will change your mind. It definitely can be psychologically addictive.

Marijuana can ruin lives just the same as alcohol or any other drug. I know lots of people will point out successful people that admit to smoking weed, thats fine, I can point out successful people that are heroin addicts but in both cased that is the minority, not the majority.

There was a talk show host that I heard a number of years ago and he was pretty spot on about marijuana use. I don't remember how he put it or even his name now but to paraphrase:

Regular marijuana use brings everyone down a notch. If you are already smarter then the average person then no one will really notice since you are now the same or maybe still a little smarter then everyone else. However if you are borderline stupid to start with and you start regularly smoking weed, that notch it takes you down you can't afford!

As I said above I had a fair number of people come to the marijuana rehab center, sorry I keep using that phrase since that is what I am targeting for this article, the center dealt with all drugs and alcohol. The people that came for chronic marijuana use had the same issues and trouble in their lives as the people that came for alcohol, heroin, meth, etc. Their lives were FUBAR and a big part of it was the drug they were using, in this case the marijuana.

When I was talking to potential clients I did have to ask how much they were using, drinking or whatever but I was mainly concerned with how it was effecting their lives. See no one ever called me because they were stupidly rich, drank a liter of 100 year old scotch a night, woke up in the morning feeling perfect and their marriage and health check up couldn't be better. They called me because they were told if they didn't quite they were going to be divorced, loose their family or job, die, etc. No one becomes a drug or alcohol addict because they are happy with their lives. There is always a reason and that is the issue that needs to be dealt with in a marijuana rehab center. Usually the drugs are secondary to the issues, ie: the drug or alcohol use is symptom of the disease, not the disease itself.

So should it be legal? Yes I believe so but I am a realist and not making moral judgements, people are going to use it anyways and it is pretty easy to grow a plant or two in your backyard. Once you have legalized it as has happened in a number of states now you can control, tax and hopefully treat people that are having problems from it's use or over use.

All that said I don't believe it is this miracle cure for everything as some people are trying to make it out to be, saying it can solve everything from cancer to global warming. I am sure there is some medicinal uses for it, there is for most things, opium has saved an incredible number of lives over the years and made many other peoples lives much better by increasing their quality of life. ie: as a pain medication and management drug.

Just as opium has it's uses, marijuana does as well but lets not confuse what the majority of the marijuana proponents actually want. They want to be able to smoke dope without getting arrested, they are not trying to cure some chronic disease.

If marijuana is causing a problem in your life and you are looking for a marijuana rehab center, let me know and get in touch I know several places that will be able to help you.