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Inpatient Rehab Programme

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Addiction Treatment Programme Size

At Serenity Rehab, we offer a high quality, comprehensive and effective residential addiction treatment programme, including group and one-to-one counselling, art therapy, access to a full gym (twice per week), access to a swimming pool (twice per week), meditation instruction, tasty chef-prepared meals, weekend excursions, and more.

The programme at Serenity uses one-to-one, CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy), Community Groups, Mindfulness Meditation and a physical fitness programme adjusted to each client's needs.

When our clients complete their treatment programme and leave Serenity, they will not only be clean of drugs or alcohol but will be physically stronger and healthier as well.

Addiction Rehab Treatment Fees

Treatment fees are listed in US Dollars and payable in US Dollars as well as 9 other currencies, based on exchange rates at time of payment.

At Serenity we only accept a maximum of 20 clients (10 in the primary programme and 10 in the secondary programme), at any one time. We are convinced that smaller is better. This ensures a personalized approach to your treatment with us and more of a family environment, where clients don't get lost in the crowd. At Serenity Rehab, for the level of treatment offered, we believe we are the most affordable programme anywhere, and certainly the best value in Thailand.

Primary and Secondary Rehab Programme

Serenity offers different addiction treatment programme as the recovering addict progresses through the stages of recovery. The Primary programme is a standard 4 Week (28 Day) initial rehab. The secondary programme usually is an additional 4 or 8 weeks of further addiction treatment (at the same residential location).

Oftentimes people are concerned that they will be fine while in primary care far away from their typical using environment, but are afraid of what they will do when they return home. We provide the structured primary care that our clients need initially, and then transition them to secondary treatment. Our clients are allowed more freedom, and the chance to go out on their own with a peer member, where they will be exposed to normal life outside of rehab. During this transition, our clients are able to have the full, residential support network, during the process of integration into everyday society.

Inclusive Fees in all Treatment Programme

Our treatment programme includes lodging, meals, excursions, therapeutic massage, gym access, swimming pool access, and a team of experienced professional counsellors and support staff who provide a high level of comfort and care. In fact the only things not included in the fees are pocket money for cigarettes (if a smoker), airfare to Chiang Rai, hospitalization (if required), Visa extensions and medication (if required).

Deposit and Balance Payment via Paypal

Payment of a deposit on a rehab treatment programme is due upon acceptance to our programme. The deposit can easily be paid with your credit card using the PayPal button on this page. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal and we will not receive your credit card number. It is the most secure way to pay your programme fees for international transactions. Alternatively if you wish let us know and we will prepare a wire transfer invoice with all the necessary information for payment.

  • In order to secure your place in the Serenity programme we require a $1,500 USD deposit, with the balance due upon arrival.
  • 7% VAT - Thai government tax is included in your fees.

Our prices are in USD, however we take payment in 9 different currencies. Please contact us directly for an invoice in a different currency.

Fair Refund Policy at Serenity Rehab

At Serenity Rehab we only accept clients into the programme who are committed to recovery and want to change their lifestyle. We also maintain our fees at the lowest possible charges in order to help people regardless of economic situation. In order to maintain our fees at such a low rate for the quality of programme offered, we need to rely on our clients.

When booking at Serenity the deposit is non-refundable as this is to secure your place in the programme and other potential clients will need to be turned away. The balance of fees is due upon arrival. If for any reason a client chooses to leave in the first 5 days after arrival, 50% of the balance paid will be refunded to the original bank or credit card account charged.

In some extreme cases, a client can be discharged with no refund offered. This is only done in the event of breaking serious rules or criminal behavior. Some examples are: being found intoxicated or on non-prescribed drugs in the rehab, violence towards a client or staff member, being in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs or non-prescribed medication, having a sexual relation with another client.

Note - All refunds must be agreed to prior to discharge and departure from Serenity Rehab.

How Serenity Rehab is so Affordable

We are very affordable compared with most residential treatment programmes. Too good to be true? It's quite simple. We focus on what is needed for effective treatment, a core 12-step programme / Minnesota model that we've modernized to include cognitive-behavioural therapy, as well as physical fitness, healthy food, excursions, and a great location far from temptation. And while our facilities are comfortable (air conditioning, wifi) we don't have the amenities of a five-star resort. We do not aspire to grow into a big, resort-style luxury rehab. We are convinced that the small group is key to recovery. Located in Chiang Rai, Thailand, our costs are lower, and we are able to stay small and focused, and provide great value. We have what you need for a successful recovery.

Registration and Fees

Our prices are in USD, however we take payment in 9 different currencies. Please contact us directly for an invoice in a different currency.

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Licensed Medical Care

Medical care is provided by Dr. Mark Sukkhosawat, a licensed psychiatrist and general practitioner M.D. specializing in substance addiction treatment, with 19 years of experience.


The staff are highly trained and experienced professionals who are also very friendly, supportive and understanding. I believe no other solution, medication or entity could have saved my life and helped me build a better future or to be abstinent and be a better person.

— Ricky, UK
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