Free Drug Rehab Centers

In a perfect world drug rehab centers would not be necessary, however they are and unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. In a close to perfect world there would be quality free drug rehab centers all over the place. Again though, not the case.

Finding several drug rehabs to compare is relatively easy in this day and age with the internet and all the information available. Finding low cost or free drug rehab centers however is much more difficult. The high end for profit centers spend a large amount of money on advertising and this has the effect of pushing centers without the budgets to the bottom of the list where they are never seen.

In my case I am able to be found on the search engines since I spend a considerable amount of time and several hours a day writing for this blog. In a rehab center they would need to pay someone in order to do the same and then it would need to be someone that knows what they are doing or an additional contract with a company that can edit the material and make it internet friendly. The free drug rehab centers don't have the funding for that.

So where do you turn if you don't have the money to pay and you are in need of a free drug rehab center? There are some options that don't require prison, you can get free drug rehab if you are incarcerated in most places. That not really being an option, lets look at realistic free drug rehab centers. In Thailand where I know the centers well there is Wat Thamkrabok which is featured a great deal on this site. It is a temple a few hours north of Bangkok and run by Buddhist monks. Pretty tough place, however it is free and open to anyone who shows up at their door, you will be responsible for purchasing your own food but that is really cheap probably about 5 bucks a day.

In the west where do you turn for a free drug rehab centers?

If you have health insurance, that is your first place to look and find out if they will pay for your drug rehab treatment. If not then you will need to get a little more creative. Your first step when seeking free drug rehab centers is your doctor or primary care giver, they might have local knowledge of free drug rehab centers or other options.

Do not disregard AA groups or NA groups, many of the people in the recovery groups have a wealth of knowledge on treatment options, including free drug rehab centers in the local area. I have found any time I contacted an AA or NA group looking for local information they were more then willing to bend over backwards to try and help. Remember these are people that were at one point in the exact same situation you are and chances are someone helped them in the same way.

If you are a member of a trade union, many of the unions will have assistance in paying for a rehab for you as well as it is a possibility the company you work for may have an EAP or Employee Assistance Program that can help. Remember when you are looking for help it is best to explore all options available to you.

Some of the private rehabs have scholarship programs, making the center a free drug rehab center for a certain number of clients that can't afford their program. The money comes in a couple ways, in some cases the rehab center will set aside a certain percentage of beds for people that just can't afford to pay. In other cases alumni of the center want to pay back something to society so will sponsor a bed for underprivileged people and I have even seen it where a local company will sponsor a bed or two as part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program.

Don't discount calling the private rehabs and telling them your situation. Remember many people working in the rehabs are there because they were also in the same situation as you, they will once again have a wealth of knowledge on whats available locally for people that can't afford their program.

I know when I ran the rehab in Thailand I did a considerable amount of research on free drug rehab centers so that I had options for people when they called and needed help and could not afford the program I offered.

Also if you don't totally need a totally free drug rehab center don't hesitate to tell the intake person you are talking to that their fees are just to high for you, they will try and work with you to help you get into the program, possibly by offering discounts or a payment scheme that you can afford.

So remember, when you have come to the decision that you need to get help with your addiction, you will be surprised how many people are genuinely willing to help you. Don't give up there are free drug rehab centers and options available.