Excursions in Rehab

Excursions in rehab are about more than just having a great vacation, you are not really here for a vacation anyways, you are here to make major changes in your life. Outings in rehab however serve as an important part of addiction treatment, they teach us to enjoy ourselves without the need for drugs or alcohol in situations where we would usually drink or use as well as they serve as team building exercises.

At Serenity Rehab we are in an amazing tropical location which has many opportunities to go out and explore and enjoy what the North of Thailand has to offer. On Sundays after a hard week's work in treatment we take most of the day off and amongst the group of clients we decide what is on the agenda for the day. We usually have lunch at a beautiful outdoor restaurant and have different activities depending on the client's choices, the weather, and what opportunities present themselves.

Some of the options include:

The choice of excursion each weekend is up to the group. Excursions are included in the fees for each programme.

Serenity Rehab Excursions