Drug Rehab Phuket

If you came here looking for an alcohol or drug rehab Phuket, I am sorry to tell you there isn't one anymore. The closest one is on Koh Samui. A couple of years ago there was a place called Bhavana Rehab on Phuket but it seems to have closed. I put this post up since recently I have had a few calls about alcohol and drug rehab Phuket and thought I would give some direction for what is available.

As said above there is no longer a drug rehab Phuket center however there are a number of good drug and alcohol rehabs in Thailand. I use to be the CEO of one and have visited the others, I know the people, the programs and modalities involved. If you are looking for a drug rehab Phuket and are willing to go elsewhere in Thailand give me a call at +66 86 881 0908 for what else is available in Thailand or Asia. 

If you are looking for local help and are not interested in going to a residential rehab thats not in Phuket then you can get in contact with AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous). Both groups have meetings on the island and you can find the locations and schedules on the links above.

Drug Rehab Phuket

Drug Rehab PhuketPretty much everything else on this post is irrelevant and just here to get the word count up so that you find this page when searching drug rehab Phuket.

As mentioned above there was a drug rehab Phuket program called Bhavana Rehab Phuket but it seems that it went out of business in the last couple of years which is unfortunate as a drug rehab Phuket center is needed and it's a beautiful location to boot with a number of daily international and domestic flights. If you have read my blog at all you will know I am big on the more help, and more different kinds available,the better. Providing they are using evidence based programs with properly trained and certified staff.

If you have a drug rehab Phuket program or are thinking of opening one I would love to hear about it and feel free to contact me. I regularly refer people to the rehabs in Thailand, the Philippines and Mauritius for treatment and like to keep up to date on what new help is available for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

As I said above I know all the operating centers in Thailand and can help you find the most suitable center for your needs. Best part, I don't charge you anything. So give me a call and we can have a chat about your options since as stated above there is not a drug rehab Phuket center operating anymore. +66 86 881 0908