Drug & Alcohol Rehab Nimbin

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Nimbin

Known around the world for its drug culture, the small town of Nimbin attracts plenty of visitors, some of whom end up staying their permanently. In the surrounding hills, small hippie communes sit where drug use is often the norm. The focus here is typically on cannabis although some harder drugs also affect the community. Surprisingly, alcohol-related incidents are few and far between.

Drug Consumption in Nimbin

With the annual Mardigrass Protestival, a local Hemp Embassy, and the Hemp Party (a political party pushing for the legalisation of marijuana), it's easy to see why Nimbin is one of the country's main destinations for drug use. SBS News writes that despite this, police have shifted their attention from drug consumption to other areas such as alcohol-related crime, alcohol-related violence and antisocial behaviour. Cannabis can thus be bought freely in the area with local dealers operating business-type arrangements that are almost regulated.

There have been times when the police have tried to crack down on Nimbin's drug use. In September 2014, a town-wide drug raid was reported by The Daily Telegraph. As well as a forensics van for drug tests, sniffer dogs were also used. More than 70 police were involved, 8 businesses were raided and two kilograms of cannabis were seized. The raid was part of a six-month long operation.

While cannabis is the main drug used, News.com.au writes that harder drugs are also found in the town. This includes methamphetamines which police say are being peddled as well. In fact, it's not unusual to see drugs being sold a mere 200 metres from the local police station with dealers having a warning system in place for when police are about to walk down the main street. Each year, police find up to 8 kilograms of drugs just lying out in the open according to one officer.

One study by Southern Cross University found that there were two major drug problems in Nimbin: cannabis and heroin. The researcher discovered that these issues stemmed from other factors such as how the main street's illicit drug habit was intertwined with the local economy and how many drug injectors lacked secure housing. They suggested that the drug culture there was one of the main contributors with buyers coming from locally on the NSW north coast as well as nationally and internationally.

Alcohol Use in Nimbin

Despite the prevalent drug use, SBS News reports that excessive drinking is actually frowned upon by the local community. In fact, there are very few incidents that result from heavy alcohol use particularly because these types of crimes, violence and anti-social behaviour have faced more police attention over the years. Local police say that alcohol causes more problems than drug consumption and are thus more inclined to focus on this area. The only serious case that involved alcohol was written about in the Northern Star where the Nimbin Museum, Rainbow Cafe and Bringabong shop were burnt to the ground in August 2014 by an as-yet unknown individual or individuals.

Rehab in the Nimbin Area

Being a small town, Nimbin doesn't have any real treatment facilities for those seeking rehab and detox. NSW Health has a Drug & Alcohol Service which has outreach programs offering assistance within the town and in surrounding regions. This includes counselling, intervention, medical support and education plus the Magistrates' Early Referral into Treatment Program (MERIT) for drug offenders. For proper rehab facilities, the closest government-run centres are in Lismore and Tweed Heads.

Options for Addicts in Nimbin

For those who want to break free from the cycle of drug use, Nimbin's culture may not be the best environment to be in. However, it can be expensive to check into a rehab clinic somewhere else in Australia plus the waiting lists for public facilities can be quite long. Instead, it is better to seek help overseas in a country such as Thailand where the costs are far cheaper. Serenity is located in Chiang Rai in the beautiful untouched North of Thailadn and offers international standards of care at very affordable rates.

Getting treated in Thailand also offers a degree of confidentiality unavailable in a small town such as Nimbin. If you want to get sober but don't want the local community to find out, simply book a flight and tell everyone you're going on holiday. The plane journey from Gold Coast Airport takes about 15 hours with transfers through Sydney and then Bangkok. We will pick you up on arrival and take you straight to our clinic where you can commence rehab right away!