Drug & Alcohol Rehab Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is a city in Queensland, Australia about 300km north of Brisbane with a population based on the 2011 census of apx 76,000. The city is home to a few drug and alcohol rehab centers in Hervey Bay however the demand for services is quickly flooding the available beds in the area. The Gold Coast Bulletin reports in 2014 that the Gold Coast and area centers have a waiting list double their capacity and turn away as many people as they can help,  they can not even refer people to other centers since they are at or above capacity as well.

Drug & Alcohol Problems in Hervey Bay

In early 2014 Hervey Bay's, Detective Sergeant Mick Polit was quoted by ABC saying.

Amphetamine-based drugs certainly [are] a big problem across the state and obviously linked to property crime and crimes of violence as well, so these crimes we will continue to target to stop them and make the community safe. Certainly I have seen an increase in methamphetamine type drugs here in Hervey Bay in the last five years, cannabis used to be the only drug we located here but methamphetamine is certainly on the increase.

As with most of Australia, and the world as a whole, the dramatic increase of amphetamine use is putting a huge strain on the treatment programs available. It was reported by the Gold Coast Bulletin that Australia has the highest rate of methamphetamine use of English speaking countries in the world, with 2.5% of Australians 14 and up admit to having used Ice or Meth in the past year. Thats around 1/2 a million people in Australia.

Since Hervey Bay is also seeing high population growth the need for drug & alcohol rehab Hervey Bay services are only going to increase.

Alcohol Abuse in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay also has not been spared from the ever increasing issues with alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse, in 2013 alone over 1,000 people were admitted Fraser Coast hospitals for excessive alcohol consumption and related injuries due to alcohol abuse. According to Troy Fisher, a Hervey Bay Hospital emergency nursing manager in a statement given to the Fraser Coast Chronical in early 2014, they have seen a steady increase in the number of alcohol related patients seeking treatment in the hospital over the past years.

For people in Hervey Bay seeking help with alcohol addiction and abuse there are a considerable number of AA meetings held daily in the area, a list can be found here.

Addiction Treatment Waiting Lists Hervey Bay

With long waiting lists and people being turned away by the addiction treatment centers, both in the public and private sector it leaves people in a vicious cycle of addition wanting to get help and there not being any at hand. From our experience treating drug and alcohol addicts from Hervey Bay and around the world, when someone asks for help it is imperative that they are admitted to a residential center as soon as possibly.

Asking for help with an addiction is the first step to overcoming the disease and moving into recovery. Many times when someone asks for help and there is none forthcoming what tends to happen is the major issue in their lives that brought them to the point of seeking help subsides and they fall back into the old pattern of using since it is how they have learned to cope with the issues in their lives that brought them to addiction in the first place.

Immediate Help for People with Addictions in Hervey Bay

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Hervey BayOver the last number of years there has been a steady growth in the Australian's seeking treatment for their addiction in Thailand. The largest number of people that attend the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Thailand come from Australia. The main reason for this is that there is rarely a waiting list and if there is it is only a few days or a week before a bed is available. It generally takes people that long to make their plans to travel overseas for help anyways.

Serenity - Thailand Rehab Center is located int eh unspoiled North of Thailand and specializes in treating drug and alcohol addiction and related disorders for a fraction of the costs of an equivalent private luxury rehab in Australia. Located in a serene and secluded area clients come here for world class treatment. The largest majority of the clients in the center are regularly from Australia. With all Western trained and certified treatment staff, Serenity is an excellent alternative for people from Hervey Bay and Australia in general to turn to when their lives have become unmanageable due to drug or alcohol addiction. Getting to Serenity from Hervey Bay is reasonably easy and just 10 hours of flying time from Brisbane,  with a quick stop in Bangkok.

Once arriving at Serenity - Thailand Rehab Center you will be picked up at the airport and taken to our luxury resort located in a beautiful quiet and serene area where your international standard addiction treatment program will begin.

If you or a loved one is looking for a Drug & Alcohol Rehab Hervey Bay center and are not having allot of success or are being put on a waiting list, give us a call we are here to help.