Serenity Rehab Addiction Treatment Programmes

Serenity Rehab is a boutique drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. We offer a comprehensive and holistic programme, with inclusive fees. Most importantly, we are an effective rehab, helping drug addicts and alcoholics reclaim their lives and 100% of our counseling staff are in recovery. We’ve been there; we know what you’re going through; and we can help.

A Client Talks About Serenity

Advantages of Serenity Rehab Thailand

We offer several advantages that combine to make Serenity Rehab the best value for residential addiction treatment in Thailand.

At Serenity Rehab, we offer a high quality, comprehensive and effective residential addiction treatment programme, including group and one-to-one counseling, art therapy, access to a full gym (twice per week), access to a swimming pool (twice per week), meditation instruction, tasty chef-prepared meals, weekend excursions, and more.

The programme at Serenity utilizes one-to-one, CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy), Minnesota Model, Mindfulness Meditation and a physical fitness programme adjusted to each client’s needs. When our clients complete their treatment programmes and leave Serenity, they will not only be clean of drugs or alcohol but will be physically stronger and healthier as well.

Addiction Treatment Programme Size

At Serenity we only accept a maximum of 20 clients (10 in the primary programme and 10 in the secondary program), at any one time. We are convinced that smaller is better. This ensures a personalized approach to your treatment with us and more of a family environment, where clients don’t get lost in the crowd. At Serenity Rehab, for the level of treatment offered, we believe we are the most affordable programme anywhere, and certainly the best value in Thailand.

Primary and Secondary Treatment Programmes

Serenity offers two addiction treatment programmes as the recovering addict progresses through the steps in recovery. The Primary programme is a standard 4 Week (28 Day) initial rehab. The Secondary programme is a flexible 2, 4, 6, or 8 week addiction treatment programme (at the same residential location).

Oftentimes people are concerned that they will be fine while in primary care far away from their typical using environment, but are afraid of what they will do when they return home. Our Primary + Secondary treatment programme address this directly. We provide the structured Primary care that our clients need initially, and then transition them to Secondary treatment. Our clients are allowed more freedom, and the chance to go out on their own with a peer member, where they will be exposed to normal life outside of rehab. During this transition, our clients are able to have the full, residential support network, during the process of integration into everyday society.

Affordable Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre

Our treatment centre is set on two acres of beautiful manicured jungle gardens in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. At the same time, we have designed our location and programme to maximum value at a reasonable price. Our focus on affordable luxury puts Serenity Rehab in a very competitive position both abroad and within Thailand. We’ve focused on keeping our operating costs low, while not sacrificing any part of the comprehensive treatment and what matters most to our clients — successfully building a sustainable recovery.

Inclusive Rehab Treatment Fees

Our fees are all inclusive for our programmes. There are no extras with the exception of airfare, hospital services (when needed) and personal items you may wish to purchase. Compare our amenities, our experienced professional staff, our highly effective programme, and our cost structure. Our goal is to offer the best value, at a high level of comfort and comprehensive, effective treatment.

Welcome to Serenity

Please contact us if you have any questions. If you or your loved one has a problem with drug addiction or alcoholism, we can help. We want to thank all of our current and past clients for choosing Serenity, and we look forward to welcoming all new clients into our extended family.