Serenity Rehab Thailand

Serenity Rehab Thailand is an effective and affordable inpatient addiction rehab treatment center located in Chiang Rai, Thailand. We are a group of experienced professionals who have developed a high quality international rehab that combines a core addiction treatment counseling program with interesting activities, a relaxing location, and the cost advantages of Northern Thailand.

Advantages of Serenity Rehab Thailand

We offer several advantages that combine to make Serenity Rehab the best value for residential addiction treatment.

  • Evidence-based treatment
  • Comprehensive therapies
  • Small program size
  • Experienced counselors
  • Caring and professional staff
  • Amazing location and amenities
  • Excellent medical facilities
  • Convenient travel connections
  • The best program fees for residential rehab

Serenity Rehab offers a Primary 4-week addiction treatment programme , 8 and 12 week programs, tailored to each individual’s needs. Our program can effectively treat alcohol and drug substance abuse, as well as process addictions such as gambling and sex addiction, co-occurring disorders and other addiction issues.

Serenity Rehab Accommodation and Facilities

The accommodation and facilities at Serenity Rehab are comfortable and in a serene and peaceful environment. We are not the luxury resort styled rehab like some of the other centers in Thailand. Our focus is on the treatment aspect and bringing our clients into recovery. Our clients come to rehab after years of drug and alcohol abuse, many of our clients are funded by their families who are often stretched to afford even our low fees. In order to make our fees reasonable we have aimed at offering world class treatment and an excellent program focusing on what is important for your recovery.

Our answer when asked about our facilities is that we have everything you need but maybe not everything you want. Instead of wasting precious time in rehab on holiday activities, you will be working more intensely on your recovery, to get a stronger foundation to stay clean and sober for the long-term. Our mission is to make World class, effective addiction treatment available to everyone and to offer this we have some of the best counsellors and therapists in the world. We do not cut corners where it counts.

It is however not all work and no play, we do go out on enjoyable excursions to experience this amazing part of the world. Chiang Rai is the true cultural Thailand, that has been spared from the inundation of tourism and holiday resorts. Our location was specially picked for recovery, the closest village to the center is about a 45 minute walk and it is a very quiet place with little to no English spoken. Any kind of Western nightlife can only be found in the city of Chiang Rai more than 30 km away and it is very quiet when compared to the other areas of Thailand. This location was chosen so you can focus on your recovery, without the temptations of the city, since there is really nowhere to go.

Two Programs For Different Stages of Recovery

Primary Stage Rehab

Serenity Rehab is our first stage drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, everyone who comes to rehab in Thailand will first need to attend a minimum of 28 days in the primary program, longer for some. In Serenity Rehab you will start your journey to recovery, usually beginning with getting clean and sober and starting to learn to stay that way. The program is intensive and the environment is controlled. You will get clean, participate in group and one to one counseling, physical fitness, meditation, relapse prevention, educational groups, NA and AA meetings in house and off site. Clients in Serenity Rehab do not leave the center unless escorted by a staff member. The program is intensive and comprehensive, utilizing the best therapy and evidence based treatments available today to treat not only the addiction but the person as a whole. Clients can come to treatment at Serenity Rehab for just this program or, where needed after completing primary rehab, continue on in our second stage program.

Secondary Stage Rehab

After a client has finished a minimum of 4 weeks in the primary rehab they may participate in the second stage program. The main difference between the primary program and secondary is that clients in our second stage rehab have more freedom to come and go from the center with peer members and are not always accompanied by staff. Serenity’s second stage program is still an intensive program where clients will work deeper into the steps and their recovery, learning to live a happy life in recovery. Clients in the second stage program are on contract and will have regular drug and alcohol tests. The Serenity House program prepares clients to return to their life, triggers and using environments which they will be exposed to upon returning home at some point. Second stage treatment is an extremely important aspect of recovery and when done in a supportive environment after primary treatment can greatly increase a persons chances for lasting recovery and success.

Smaller is better, at Serenity we only accept 10 clients at a time in each program. This ensures that you get the personalized treatment that you need. In a center with extremely experienced staff and such a small number of clients your treatment program will quickly adapt to your specific needs. We believe that an effective treatment program needs to be personalized and tailored to the individual, there is no one size fits all.<

Reasons to Choose Serenity Rehab Center

  • Remote, beautiful setting next to a large nature reserve
  • Small groups means more time to work on your recovery
  • Two Programs: Primary and Secondary
  • Easy connections through Bangkok airports with many daily flights
  • En-suite Rooms
  • Internationally certified native English-speaking therapists
  • Therapists who have maintained their own recovery for years
  • Hotel trained chef
  • Close to high quality local Medical Facilities
  • Access to full gym (twice per week), swimming pool (twice per week), and daily walking/running in a rural environment
  • 1:1  CBT therapy sessions
  • 12-Step group programs
  • Excursions in a world class destination

Programs Offered at Serenity Rehab Center

  • 4 Week Initial Addiction Treatment Program
  • 8 Week Intensive Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program
  • 12 Week Gold Standard – 6 weeks Primary, 6 weeks Secondary
  • Long Term Residential Sober House When Necessary

What We Treat

Serenity treats substance addiction and process addictions, including:

  • Drug Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Sex Addiction
  • Co-Occurring Issues
  • Other Addictions

Serenity Rehab Addiction Treatment Center

At Serenity Rehab we believe that smaller is better which is why we only take 10 clients at a time in each program. This ensures you receive the personalized care and treatment that you need.

At Serenity Rehab Center we treat addiction by combining CBT and Mindfulness with a 12-step treatment approach. Often we are asked why the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is the most utilized treatment approach in the world, the simple answer is, because it works!

At Serenity Rehab we don’t stop there, your program will also include fitness training, meditation and many other aspects to assure that your program is not only effective in conquering your addiction but also enjoyable.

Treatment should never be punishment, Serenity offers a kinder and gentler approach to lasting recovery. Call us now to Find Freedom in Paradise.

Serenity Rehab Center works with a private and local hospitals for all of your medical needs. The medical services offered are world class, with full service in multiple languages. In this hospital we are able to offer full detox services as needed, under the care of qualified and experienced professionals in a very comfortable private or local hospital depending on your needs and budget.

Dealing with medical needs while in drug and alcohol rehab is extremely important and we have access to full psychiatric clinic, physiotherapy clinic, emergency ward and all the other departments and specialist you would expect in a large hospital only 15 minutes away by car.

Drug Addiction Treatment at Serenity Rehab

A Serenity Rehab we offer a world class drug rehab treatment program at a fraction of the costs of similar centers in the West. There is actually no comparison when it comes to the quality of the program for the fees we are able to charge. At Serenity we believe everyone deserves a second chance and that everyone can recover. Living by this philosophy we have managed to reduce our fees by controlling our overheads and expenses to a level that we believe most people can afford. When even our low fees are too much for a person we still want to help, which is why we offer our scholarship program which you can read more about here. Basically when we have a bed available we would rather see someone in it and helping them on their way to recovery, then leaving it empty.

Does lower costs mean a lesser program? Absolutely NOT, we will never compromise the integrity of the program and your chances for success. You will still receive world class therapy with counselors who have worked and trained in some of the best known centers in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. The accommodations are comfortable, the excursions are enjoyable and exciting and the food is excellent. We offer everything that the larger centers do but at a lower cost in order to help more people.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Serenity Rehab

At Serenity a large percentage of people come to us for our alcohol rehab treatment program. Alcohol is the number one abused drug in the world and probably claims more lives than all the other drugs combined. In Thailand we are lucky to have a large fellowship with a considerable number of meetings per week. Our Alcohol Rehab Thailand program is world class and we have recruited some of the best counselors in the world.

The program is in English, the accommodations are very comfortable and at a fraction of the costs of attending similar programs in the USA, Australia or UK. In fact to the best of our knowledge we are the most affordable program in the world for the level of care you will receive.

Our focus is on people’s recovery and not profits, living by this motto we control our expenses to be able to offer you your absolute best chance of recovery, for the lowest fees we can manage. You can read more about our program fees here. If even these costs are too high for you we have an industry unique scholarship program whereby if we have a bed available we will try and get you in it at a price you can afford. You can read more about the scholarship program here.